ADK International was established fully capitalized by Asatsu-DK to handle communications that cross the boundaries delineating the domestic from the international.

Company Name ADK International Incorporated
Address Koishikawa Sakura Building 7F, 1-28-1, Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 112-0002
Tel: +81-3-6838-9100  Fax: +81-3-6838-9110
Established December, 1980
Capital ¥300 million
Finacing Banks MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Mizuho Bank, Limited
Total Sales ¥4,800 million (as of 2019)
No. of Employees 34 (as of January, 2020)
Activities Newspaper 6.6%; Magazine 3.5%; TV 26.7%;
Radio 1.0%; Digital Media 14.7%;
Sales Promotional Activities 15.9%;
Creative 20.2%; Others 11.4%
Billings by
Marketing studies & Services planning
Planning & Consulting for media purchasing
Total communication strategies
Corporate identity planning & Management
Branding development & Management
Development & Planning for new ventures and new products
Planning management & Operation of campaigns
Events & Showrooms
Full selection of creative
SP & PR services

Board of Directors & Auditors

Director & Auditor
President & CEO Wataru Sato
Executive Director Tomoya Takeda
Executive Director Yukio Takada
Executive Director Shinichiro Kanai
Auditor Shigeru Hanawa


ADK Holidngs Inc.


ADK Marketing Solutions Inc.


ADK Creative One Inc.


ADK Emotions Inc.


    [ADK Marketign Solutions Domestic Branch Offices]

    Hokkaido Branch Office, Tohoku Branch Office, Niigata Branch Office, Chubu Branch Office*, Kansai Branch Office*
    Hokuriku Office, Okayama Branch Office, Takamatsu Office, Kyushu Branch Office, Chugoku Branch Office, Ehime Office

    *A business office in "ADK Creative One Inc." is established

[Domestic Affiliated Companies]

ADK International Inc.
ADK Direct, Inc
ADK Digital Communications Inc.
Eiken Co., Ltd.
Right Song Music Publishing Co.,Ltd.
DA search & link Inc.
Drill Inc
Data Chemistry Inc.
d-rights Inc.
Absolute one Inc.
A-Bridge Inc.

[ADK GROUP Overseas Network]

New York : ADK America Inc.
  : ADK Emotions NY Inc.
Amsterdam : ADK Insights BV
Dubai : AGA ADK Advertising & Marketing
Shanghai : Shanghai Asatsu Advertising Co., Ltd.
  : Asatsu Century (Shanghai) Advertising Co., Ltd.
  : Asatsu (Shanghai) Exposition & Advertising Co., Ltd.
  : A2 (Shanghai) Marketing Service Co., Ltd.
  : Beijing Dong Fang San Meng Public Relations Consulting Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch
  : ADK Digital Technology
Beijing : Shanghai Asatsu Advertising Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch
  : Beijing DongFangSanMeng Public Relations Consulting Co., Ltd.
  : IMMG Beijing Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou : Guangdong Guangxu (ADK) Integrated Marketing Communications Co., Ltd.
Wuhan : Asatsu Century (Shanghai) Advertising Co., Ltd. Wuhan Branch
Taipei : United-Asatsu International Ltd.
  : DIK-Ocean Advertising Co., Ltd.
Hong Kong : Asatsu-DK Hong Kong Ltd.
  : DK Advertising (HK) Ltd.
Bangkok : ADK Thai Holding Ltd.
  : Asatsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  : Dai-Ichi Kikaku (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  : ASDIK Ltd.
Yangon : ADK Myanmar Co., Ltd.
  : DIK(Myanmer)Co., Ltd.
Ho Chi Minh : VBA (VTP Vietnam Joint Stock Company)
  : Asatsu-DK Vietnam Inc.
  : DIK Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Kuala Lumpur : Asatsu-DK Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
  : Dai-Ichi Kikaku (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
Singapore : Asatsu-DK Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  : IMMG Pte. Ltd.
Jakarta : PT. Asta Atria Surya
  : PT. IMMG Indonesia
New Delhi : Asatsu-DK Fortune Communication Pvt. Ltd.